- The Round Pen -

Most round pens are fifty to sixty feet to allow the horse to bend and achieve proper bend and balance at the walk, trot, and canter. The round pen can be used for simply exercising the horse, as a temporary paddock, a place to confine your horse while you work with it without having it tied up, and many other ideas. You should concentrate on driving the horse around the round pen at all the gaits. While you're driving your horse, you should start to notice him consider looking toward you - when this happens you should move, while backing - increasing the distance between you and the horse. This is called drawing. If he doesn't pick up on this, move back behind him and make him travel onward. Think of pulling him off the fence with an invisible rope, and to pull you must back up...try approaching and petting him. If he won't stand still, just start over and pull him in again. Remember that the ability to drive the horse forward comfortably is something you never want to lose because you've overdone the hooking on when starting out with the horse. Always encourage the horse to stand still rather than relying on exhaustion.

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