Equine Kingdom Riding Academy is no longer in operation.
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 Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook (Howell Reference Books)

How to Think Like A Horse: The Essential Handbook for Understanding Why Horses Do What They Do

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Designing and Managing Your Equine Facilities


- Horseback Riding Lessons, Trail Rides, and More! -
 No Longer Offered

Equine Kingdom - Head instructor Sally Cochran

Sally A. Nolte - Head Instructor


 ▪ American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA) Certified Instructor for:
       - Level 2 Hunt Seat o/t Flat
       - Recreational Riding

 ▪ Professional Association of Therapeutic   Horsemanship Certified Instructor (PATH)

 ▪ 18 years independent instructor

 ▪ 20 years horseback riding & competition

 ▪ Associate's in Business Admin

 ▪ Associate's degree in Logistics

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Please click here for a complete list of lesson options

Equine Kingdom offers various services to the equestrian community through the form of horseback riding lessons.

Most riding schools charge comparable pricing for an hour riding lesson. This usually consists of 15-20 minutes at the beginning of your lesson to prepare your horse, a 30 minutes lesson or so, and another 15-20 minutes at the end to finish up with your horse. Here at Equine Kingdom, we offer the ENTIRE HOUR of riding time - any extra time you spend before or after your lesson is FREE! We greatly encourage our riders to come early and stay late to gain extra horse/learning time!

Children and adults will learn to:

  • Ride correctly
  • Groom a horse
  • Feed/care for a horse
  • saddle/bridle a horse
  • ride on trails
  • show a horse
  • and much, much more!

You'll learn to groom your horse, put on a saddle and bridle quickly and efficiently, mount and dismount your horse, turn your horse correctly, walk, trot, and canter, jump small jumps, maneuver a course of poles, judge distances, and much, much more! Lessons are always different, always fun, and always something new to learn! You won't regret taking lessons with us!

We Do Not Currently Offer Private Lessons

Take Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons are a fantastic way to have fun and learn at the same time! Great for all ages, accepting riders age 4 and up, any time during the day! Make my schedule work for you!

Trail Riding Packages

A unique horse experience for absolutely anyone! Learn to control and bond with your horse, and spend a relaxing hour carousing through woods and on a scenic tour of the property on horseback!

Birthday Parties

Your kids will have a blast with our pony/horse parties! They will want to come back to ride again and again! It's the perfect place to introduce your little ones to horseback riding! Our horses are well maintained; all rides are hand led, making the rides as safe and fun as possible. Riding, games, crafts, goodie bags, contests, and more! Cake and drinks not provided. For up to 10 children.

Summer Camps

What could be more fun than spending and entire week of mornings learning how to ride and care for a horse? With games, lots of riding time, horse care, and activities, your child will be thrilled to get to spend a whole week with horses! Many weeks available - call now! Space is limited! Reserve your spot early! Horseback riding increases self-confidence, discipline, self-control, and perseverance, as well as developing balance and coordination. And if all this weren't enough, it's fun, rewarding, relaxing, and educational!

Homeschool Horsemanship

This new program is designed specifically with the 4-18 year old homeschooler in mind! Sally A. Nolte was homeschooled her entire life, and so she knows exactly what it's like she's been there, done that! This program will introduce your children to the joy of horses and riding. We will teach your children the basics of all around horsemanship, including safety around horses, grooming/brushing techniques, handling the horses safely, nutrition/feeding, health and first aid, and basic equine anatomy.

Sample Riding Lesson

To see what learning to ride with Equine Kingdom is like, take a look at this sample riding lesson. It walks you through the steps, tells you what will be done, and what all you will learn, plus will keep you wanting to come back for more!

Riding Lesson Plans

For the beginning riding instructor, these plans can be useful in times of crisis - can't figure out what you're going to teach? Print out one of these plans and you're all set! There are programs for any and all levels of riders in here, from beginner to advanced.

Student Riding Levels

A convenient chart to help you determine your level of riding ability, or for riding instructors to determine where their students are or need to be in their riding program.

Becoming a Riding Instructor

It's not as easy as it sounds...there's a lot that goes into pursuing a dream like this! This is a place where you can get the scoop on what exactly it takes, what you need, and what you have to do to get started and actually make it in this line of work.

Riding Lesson Games

Ever feel like your lessons are getting boring? Want to spice things up a bit and break up the monotony? Here are 15 games to help you out, ranging from easy games for beginners and children to more difficult games for adults and advanced riders!

Riding Lessons for Adults

Lessons for adults obviously have to be a bit more in-depth and intuitive than for children. Here is some insight on what it takes to teach an adult, versus teaching children.

Riding Lessons for Children

Teaching children to ride is one of the most enjoyable things in life! To watch them do their best, laugh, and succeed is beyond explanation. Here is a look at how to teach children, what's involved, and the concerns involved.

Riding Lesson Journals

I try to keep journals of my students' progress as they advance their learning - here are the steps several of them have taken.

Tips for Choosing a Riding Instructor

Not every riding instructor is a good one. Some are only out for selfish gain, and some are very difficult to please. Check out this article to see what you could be missing, or to make sure you make a wise choice.

Riding Instruction Books

Books for the riding instructor - whether starting out or if you've already been teaching for 50 years, these books can add variety and fun to your lessons. Use them to teach your students every aspect of skill you possibly can - and maybe even find a better way to articulate your explanations.

Waivers/Releases for Riding Instruction

Sample forms to use for your business - adapt them as necessary for your business, to protect yourself from legal harm.

Riding Instruction Articles

Articles for riding instructors, on every subject you could possibly want to know!

Tips For Beginners

For beginning riders, horses can be intimidating. Articles and various tips here should help such riders become more comfortable as they learn what they're getting into, and how to be around horses safely.

Download a release form Submit an Article

2019 Lesson Horses

26 year old Quarter Horse mare
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced

18 year old Chestnut Gelding
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced

year old Pony Mare
English/Western, Int-Advanced

Blue Jeans
14 year old Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beginner-Intermediate

16 year old Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beg-Advanced

18 y/o Morgan/Quarter Mare
English/Western, Beg-Advanced

14 year old Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beg-Advanced


15 year old Paint Gelding
English/Western, Int-Advanced
(owned by Nancy T.)

22 year old Arabian Gelding
English/Western, Beg-Advanced
(owned by Bella L.)