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Equine Kingdom Riding Academy Progress

CONTINUED FROM Equine Kingdom Riding Academy Progress Page 1

(May 13, 2010 through November 10, 2010) 

On May 13, 2010, Sally A. Nolte purchased a 7.5 acre piece of property located at . This farm will be come their dream farm, given lots of time, TLC, and money!


DAY 234 OF WORK - 3/5/2011 - Saturday
Got 3 of the 4 lights put up in the new barn and wired and working! Wonderful!

Took Zelda & Jitterbug to a horse show - Jitterbug didn't do very well, but Zelda did wonderfully and everyone had a good time and placed very well.

Last load of sand got spread out and then everything got levelled VERY nicely! It looks amazing!
DAY 233 OF WORK - 3/4/2011 - Friday
Got 5 more loads of sand delivered, and 4 of them got spread out. I got to ride in the new arena for the first time, and Mystique & I jumped the remaining sand pile.

Got the boards for the lights put up in the new barn to mount the lights on. Got light switch wires run.

Moved a bunch of hay bales to make access for putting lights up.

Got grass seed spread on the barnyard by the hay barn and out on the new parts of the riding arena edges.

Moved all the brush out into the pasture, cleaned up fire mess, and got the area up by the parking cleaned up nicely.
DAY 232 OF WORK - 3/3/2011 - Thursday
Had a small brush fire to burn some of the brush. It got a little out of hand so we had to put it out.

Picked up grass seed, fertilizer, and grain at Southern States.

Started getting sand delivered & spread! 6 loads of river sand got dumped & spread in the arena.

Got more outlets wired in the barn.
DAY 231 OF WORK - 3/2/2011 - Wednesday

Finished the bottom battens on the old barn.

Got lots more grading done, and the road grader got brought out to smooth things over.

Got a bunch of branches cut off from the oak tree by the main gate into the pastures, to make for easier access by big machines & trucks.
DAY 230 OF WORK - 3/1/2011 - Tuesday
Riding arena work got started! got most of the fence posts pulled up, and all the fence wire taken down for easier access. Stacked posts up inbetween some trees.

Built 4 feed boxes in the new barn, leaving only one left to do, and we can't get to it because the stall is filled with hay!

Dug a trench to drain water from a low spot by the new barn.

Got 6 battens up on the old barn.

Got a quote from a gentleman that's going to put our fence posts in using a post driver.

Put boards around the bottom of the dog lot so Cricket can't get out!
DAY 229 OF WORK - 2/28/2011 - Monday
Went and picked up 17 fence panels & a gate to create a dog lot. Put up the dog lot as an area for our dogs to play, and for to do his dog training classes.

Wired an outlet in the new tack room, and got 4 outside outlets put up on the new barn!

DAY 228 OF WORK - 2/27/2011 - Sunday
Figured out why the floodlights wouldn't turn on, and fixed the problem.
DAY 227 OF WORK - 2/26/2011 - Saturday
Put in two floodlights, one on each back corner of the new barn. Ran the wire for four outlets.

DAY 226 OF WORK - 2/25/2011 - Friday
Went & picked up a truckload of bread for the horses.

Ran wires for floodlights on corners of the barn.
DAY 225 OF WORK - 2/24/2011 - Thursday
Put up support boards for light over tack room.

Ran wire in the barn for stuff.

DAY 224 OF WORK - 2/23/2011 - Wednesday
Picked up another HUGE truckload of sticks out of the pasture.

Clipped a whole bunch of roots and small tree things that were sticking up out of the ground down where all the little tree junk got cleared.

Hooked the tow chain up to the truck and dragged a HUGE incredibly heavy stump from the bottom of the pasture all the way up to the pool and dumped it in.

Chris brought his dump truck and Bobcat out to start work tomorrow on the riding arena. the guy that was supposed to be doing it has been AWOL for about 2 weeks now and we are tired of waiting and not hearing anything, so we're going to go ahead and pay someone else more money to do it, to get the job done and get it done right.

We will probably also be able to get the fence posts driven in here pretty soon.

Working on getting a riding lesson deal set up through LivingSocial.com that should bring in a lot of new business!

Got more wire run for the new barn's electrical outlets.

Got a light clipped up in Prissy's stall for a nightlight.

Reset Aislinn's stall light timer. Cleaned all stalls, cleaned out buckets, and refilled.

Picked up the last load of poplar fence boards from down the road where they got cut a few weeks ago.
DAY 223 OF WORK - 2/22/2011 - Tuesday
Got the sign put up out front!! it looks fantastic!

Got a dumptruckload of firewood removed.
DAY 222 OF WORK - 2/21/2011 - Monday
 Got the first three fence posts put in for the pasture fences! It looks fantastic!

Got the first hole dug for the riding arena fence. Can't do any more than that until we get the arena graded, though. :/ Which we are STILL WAITING ON!!

Sold 10 pieces of tin today from the stack behind the barn.

Marked out places for 41 fence posts!! enough for one entire fence length and one small pasture. Still got lots of work to do!! Hoping to be able to rent something to either drive the posts or dig the holes easier....

Horses hanging out watching us work.

Also got the signs for the sign out by the road finished and all linked together with chains. We'll mount them tomorrow.
DAY 221 OF WORK - 2/19/2011 - Saturday
Got wire run for the 3-way switch that will turn on the lights in the newest barn from the main barn, down at the end.

Did lots of riding, teaching and trail riding and went exploring the area on horseback.
DAY 220 OF WORK - 2/18/2011 - Friday
Picked up a HUGE truckload of sticks, branches, logs, etc from the pasture - looks a lot better.

Distributed boarding flyers!

Got electrical wire run from the main barn to the newest barn, and also got all the main wires run in the new barn, including running a pipe from one barn to the other to connect the two.

Raked out the manure pile so it can continue to compost.

Picked up a wheelbarrow full of sticks from around the manure pile.

Got more electrical wire from Lowes. 

Burned all the stuff in the pool!
DAY 219 OF WORK - 2/17/2011 - Thursday
Started getting electrical work done. Picked up a wheelbarrow full of sticks. 
DAY 218 OF WORK - 2/16/2011 - Wednesday
Cleaned up the porch - it was a mess!!

Picked up all the rafter pieces from the ground from where they got cut off the other day.

Attempted to grease the tracks for the sliding door on the front of the barn, to not much avail...have to attempt that another day.
DAY 217 OF WORK - 2/15/2011 - Tuesday
Cleaned up the barnyard, picked up sticks.
DAY  216 OF WORK - 2/14/2011  - Monday
Picked up a HUGE truckload of sticks and logs from the pasture, including cleaning up the majority of one of the burn piles.

Bought a new chainsaw!! a NICE one, and we spent a good part of the afternoon cutting up logs, stumps, and random little trees and such in the wooded area at the back of the property, and all around the fields.

Cut all the sticking out rafter pieces off both barns! excellent!

DAY 215 OF WORK - 2/13/2011 - Sunday
Cleaned all the equipment out of the riding arena for prep for the grading/fence work!

Rolled up the middle electric wire & took all the yellow insulators off.  Also rolled up the top and bottom white tape to use later!

Picked up a load of fence boards from cutting last week.
DAY 214 OF WORK - 2/11/2011 - Friday

Took the chainsaw back to Lowes and returned it - it hasn't been working for a long time now, at least not properly or consistently, so it was time to cash in on the warranty.

Picked up a 12' gate for the riding arena, and 27 bags of grain.

Got the eaves finished on the barn!
DAY 213 OF WORK - 2/10/2011 - Thursday

Got more work done on the eaves on the last end of the barn. 

Took down one of the fences in the pasture in preparation for putting new wood board fences out there. Got all the stakes taken up and all the wires rolled up and put away.
DAY 212 OF WORK - 2/9/2011 - Wednesday
Got 400 fence posts delivered! hooray!

Picked up another load of about 65 fence boards.

Talked to our contractors about getting the riding arena completed - getting a fence put in, gates put up, riding arena levelled, and getting sand spread out.
DAY 211 OF WORK - 2/8/2011 - Tuesday
Stacked all the wood up against the side of the house and got the front yard cleaned up.

Straightened out the stalls in the new barn so that we have two more stalls cleared out for boarders, and all ready to go. Ran the extension cord for the light up through the rafters so it can't be tripped over on the ground.
DAY 210 OF WORK - 2/7/2011 - Monday
Chopped up all the rest of the wood in the front yard from the trees that we chopped up a while ago. Also got the barnyard cleaned up, and got the outlet boxes put on the outside of the new barn, for future wiring.
DAY 209 OF WORK - 2/4/2011 - Friday
Picked up 2 wheelbarrows of sticks from the pasture.

Added some dirt into some of the tire ruts in front of the hay barn.
DAY 208 OF WORK - 2/3/2011 - Thursday
Cleaned up new tack room, cleaned up shed and put stuff on walls.

Put light in hay barn with a switch.

Called about getting fence posts delivered next week.
DAY 207 OF WORK - 2/1/2011 - Tuesday
worked at the sawmill with Harvey and hauled two loads of wood home. They cut a total of 380 15' boards over the last two days!
DAY 206 OF WORK  - 1/31/2011 - Monday
Mattt went and worked with Harvey at his sawmill, just down the road from us today. they cut a LOT of fence boards for our up-and-coming fences!
DAY 205 OF WORK - 1/29/2011 - Saturday
worked on getting electrical stuff put into the barn to put a light up for in the hay barn.

Got junction boxes & outlet boxes put up on the new barn.
DAY 204 OF WORK - 1/28/2011 - Friday
Got 210 bales of hay delivered and stacked!
DAY 203 OF WORK - 1/27/2011 - Thursday
Fixed the chainsaw (again) and got the rest of that cedar stump cut up and brought out of the pasture. Took most of it up for wood and threw the unusable pieces in the pit to burn.

Fixed the riding arena fence everywhere it was messed up or broken.

Ordered 250 square bales of hay, and set up an appointment to go see round bales near Charlotte on Saturday.

Put shavings in Aislinn, River, and Jitterbug's stalls.

Screwed in battens between Jitterbug & Zelda's stalls

Cleaned & organized the entire riding arena, got all the equipment grouped together and lined up on one end.

Picked up trash & sticks from the riding arena, pasture, and barnyard.

Chris & Ron came out with Chris' dump truck and loaded it up with logs to take away in the morning!

Got 30 fence posts delivered from Southern States, along with TC Equine Senior and beet pulp.
DAY 202 OF WORK - 1/25/2011 - Tuesday
Gathered & returned $350 of stuff to Lowes, and purchased electrical stuff for the new barn.

Got a light for the hay section of the hay/equipment barn.
DAY 201 OF WORK - 1/24/2011 - Monday
Got gravel put in the water pump drainage ditch at the end of the barn.

Cut & screwed in 2' square pieces at each of the horses' feed boxes so they can't annoy each other while eating.

Graded/tamped another stall in the new barn.
DAY 200 OF WORK - 1/23/2011 - Sunday
Got all the boards all the way around the new barn nailed in, top and bottom and everywhere that was just "tacked in" before.
DAY 199 OF WORK - 1/22/2011 - Saturday
Started putting eaves on the other side of the barn. Got about 6 boards completed. Weather very cold.
DAY 198 OF WORK - 1/21/2011 - Friday
got the rest of the eaves on one side of the new barn completed!

picked up a bunch of gumballs from the yard.

started the battens on the new barn! got one whole stall section done!

Hammered in the top boards along the other side of the barn facing the riding arena!

Picked up a whole bunch of branches and roots from up around the pool and carport area from where the water line was put in.
DAY 197 OF WORK - 1/20/2011 - Thursday
Picked up three wheelbarrow loads of sticks from the pastures & barnyard.

Picked up a full wheelbarrow of "gumballs" from the awful sweet gum trees in our yard, where people park.

Got a few more side pieces on the eaves done.

Got the manure pile raked out flat so it can continue to compost.

Picked up the truck & went to Lowes to get some miscellaneous stuff for the barn and house.

Got the chainsaw working again for a little while, and cut up half of a monstrous stump and root thing that's been sitting in the pasture forever now!
DAY 196 OF WORK - 1/19/2011 - Wednesday
Got Bailey's and Mystique's stalls stripped and rubber mats put in both of them!! that makes all of them!

Finished the front barn door designs!

Put rubber mats in the aisle of the barn at the front.

Got the chainsaw working!! yay, now we can get some more work done!

Hung the iron bell back up on the front of the barn.
DAY 195 OF WORK - 1/18/2011 - Tuesday
Took the truck in to get work done. Got more equipment for the farm ordered - heated buckets, replacement manure fork head, etc.
DAY 194 OF WORK - 1/17/2011 - Monday
Put rubber mats in Prissy's stall.
Stripped Jitterbug & Enoch's stalls and put stall mats in.
DAY 193 OF WORK - 1/16/2011 - Sunday
Got Prissy's stall stripped for rubber mats to be installed.
DAY 192 OF WORK - 1/15/2011 - Saturday
Got Zelda and Rivers' stalls completely stripped and got rubber mats put down! hooray!
DAY 191 OF WORK - 1/14/2011 - Friday
Got all but one of the dividers put up between all the stalls in the new barn.

Got 90 bales of hay delivered and stacked in two stalls in the new barn.

Fixed pallets and got pallets moved into the new barn stalls for hay.

Picked up ~40 4'x6' rubber stall mats for the horses' stalls! that took most of the morning/afternoon.

Completely stripped Aislinn's and Prissy's Stalls of shavings, manure, etc, all the way down to the dirt.

Put 4 rubber mats in Aislinn's stall and put new shavings down.

Put the final "X" on the back barn door.

Leveled and tamped down dirt in one of the new horse stalls.

DAY 190 OF WORK - 1/13/2011 - Thursday
Got a great new contact - Flowers Thrift Store Bakery! Got a FULL carload of bread products for the horses for only $14!! Got that all taken down to the barn and distributed. Called about getting hay delivered.
DAY 189 OF WORK - 1/10/2011 - Monday
Got half of one side of the eaves put up on the new barn!!

Got ground graded by the new front door of the barn so it can close all the way, and put the latch on it for the inside.

Moved a 36" cabinet from the kitchen down to the barn to put the microwave on, and to use for storage.

Put more grain in the grain bins.

Got the electric fence hooked up and working properly, at least for 1 large section of the fence, if not all the way around.

Put blanket rack up on the last stall, and name plates on the last two stalls.

Moved one of the lockers from the tack room into the feed room.

Picked up a bunch of small scrap wood pieces from the ground.

Burned the junk/trash/scrap in the pool.
DAY 188 OF WORK - 1/9/2011 - Sunday
Put dirt down by the front barn door opening to level out the grade a bit.

Got the big barn door built for the front door opening of the main barn, and got the rollers put on and the door hung! It took quite a bit of work, as different parts of the door kept getting stuck.

Put door handles on the inside and outside of all three of the sliding barn doors, and a hook-and-eye-latch on the double doors at the end of the barn.

Rolled the last three round bales into the hay barn so we can use them for the horses. Cleaned up the area where they were sitting - it was pretty messy with hay, boards, and rocks that we used to hold the tarps down from blowing in the wind. Folded up all 8 tarps that we had covering the hay bales.

Picked up a bunch of boards and scrap wood from around the farm.

Hung up a new sign on the tack room door!

Moved tools and equipment from one of the empty stalls in the new barn into another occupied stall to make room for hay - square bales are to be delivered tomorrow!

Hung calendars around the tack/feed room and cleaned up the feed room.

Fixed the stuck latch on Enoch's stall - he keeps managing to mess it up because he kicks his stall door!

Installed a folding saddle rack down at one end of the barn.

Partially cleaned up the equipment stall on the hay barn.

DAY 187 OF WORK - 1/8/2011 - Saturday
Got the two barn doors put up on the end of the barn! it looks amazing!! Also got the side boards put on them, the handles on the outside, and the bottom "X" on one side!

Fixed one corner of the electric fence so that the fence pieces go through insulator tubes around the outside of the post. Put new corner insulators and straight insulators on several areas of the fence as well!

Put a mailbox on one of the corner fence posts to hold the electric fence charger, which has to be out of the weather to work properly. Ran the wires to the grounding pole and to the fence wires. Still needs some modification before it's ready to work.

Connected the temporary fences in the pastures to the permanent electric fence so everything can be charged at the same time.

Graded a bunch of the ground by one of the big doors so it'll open all the way!

(all of this actually took a long time - just for the record)
DAY 186 OF WORK - 1/7/2011 - Friday

Moved cinder blocks from the barnyard out to the riding arena where they belong.

Made the last two top doors for the stalls and got them put up - the barn is complete except for the small boards under the eaves!!

Put up the sliding door tracks for the large back barn door.

Cut the HUGE barn door in half - one for each side.

Got the grading almost finished for the area between the two barns! it is SO NICE to be able to walk between the two barns now!!

Went to Lowes to get stuff for the barn and the kitchen.

Put latches up for all the rest of the doors to hold them back when they're open.

DAY 185 OF WORK - 1/6/2011 - Thursday
After a good long hiatus of working on the barn due to weather and cold and mud, we finally got back out to work! (We also went away for five days for our anniversary, and we've spent the last couple of weeks remodeling our kitchen)

Leveled out a bunch of the area between the two barns and marked out the area with landscaping timbers so it looks a LOT nicer!

Put dirt in stalls to level the corners out.

Picked up 2 wheelbarrows of sticks and trash from the pasture and the barnyard.

Fixed the crooked bottom half of Bailey's stall door, and put the top part up!

Put door latches up for Bailey & Mystique's stalls so that you can fasten them back to the wall so they stay open when you want them to!

Hammered in nails on the top of one long side of the new barn.

Moved the markerboard closer to the corner of the walls, and moved the bulletin board over to the wall next to the manure forks. Hung up a bunch of stuffed horses & hats for sale, for display!

Screwed battens back into the walls inbetween Jitterbug & Zelda's stalls - they keep fighting.

Stripped Zelda's stall because it was getting gross.

Picked up a wheelbarrow full of sticks from the pasture.
DAY 184 OF WORK - 12/23/2010 - Thursday
Put up boards for dividers between two of the stalls in the new barn so they can't reach over the wall to get at each other.

Put solid boards up by two of the feed boxes so the horses can't get to and annoy each other while eating!

Finished shoveling all the shavings into the shavings shed, FINALLY!!
that took a while, but it looks so much better out there now!

Cleaned up some stuff around the barn.

Knocked off the backs of screws on some of the barn doors.

DAY 183 OF WORK - 12/22/2010 - Wednesday
Built River's top door and put it up, and built Bailey's door but couldn't get it put up due to structural issues - we'll have to fix it.

Put LOTS of shavings in all the horses' stalls to test some theories about stall mess.

Cleaned up the riding arena and picked up scrap wood around the farm.
DAY 182 OF WORK - 12/21/2010 - Tuesday
Raked leaves out of the new barn and from around the front of the barn - mostly wet, dirty leaves that took forever to get cleaned up!

Leveled out the corner stall and the ground in front of the barn where water collects when it rains. It's a muddy mess right now, but hopefully that will change with a little time.

This tarp is what the horses have to walk through now in order to get into the barn - heck of a desensitization tool!

Dug out some of the ground between the two barns - it was VERY steep and had a heck of a drop off - made walking inbetween the two barns nearly impossible, so I dug out enough that a person can comfortably walk between the two barns.

Built top and bottom doors for three stalls!

Put latches and handles on all the new barn doors.

Put a load of dirt in one of the stalls that needs a corner built up some.

Put up hangars and buckets in all of the new stalls.

Transferred unused tack into the new tack room.

Moved 2 grain bins into the new tack room and refilled all grain bins.

Cleaned, swept, and reorganized the main barn tack room and feed room.

Put handles on the inside and outside of all 3 tack room doors for easier manipulation.

Screwed in battens inbetween Jitterbug & Zelda's stalls where they keep playing with them.

Tamped dirt down around the new barn.

Unloaded wood from the truck and put it on the pile.

Shoveled most of the rest of the shavings pile into the shed.
DAY 181 OF WORK - 12/20/2010 - Monday
Picked up another load of wood from Harvey, this time for one of the large barn doors, and the rest of the siding and stall divider pieces.

Got the truck tire fixed - it's been going flat for weeks now.

Returned the tables and chairs to Pegram West -they nicely let us borrow them for the Christmas party!

Built the back door of the main barn! BOY is that sucker HEAVY!!

Cleaned up the scrap wood pile so it looks a little nicer out there.
12/18/2010- Equine Kingdom Christmas Party!

Food table!

Dessert table!

Stephanie! (Parker's owner)

People filling up on yummy holiday goodies!

standing around looking cool.

Kids with Roxy the kitty

Everyone enjoying food on tables set up down the barn aisle

HUGE pile of Christmas gifts to give away!

All the Christmas horses I've made - lots of which are still available for sale!

WINTER WEATHE BREAK   - it snowed/rained/was really windy for about a week and we weren't really able to get much work done, sadly.
DAY 180 OF WORK - 12/14/2010 - Tuesday
Fixed Prissy's door today - it got broken at the hinge a few weeks ago when I accidentally got a clip stuck in the door.

Put pipe straps on the water pipe so it can't move.

Hung snowflakes in the barn for decorations!

Shoveled some more shavings into the shavings bay.
DAY 179 OF WORK - 12/12/2010 - Sunday
Decorated the barn for Christmas!

Cut the tops off of 4 of the barrels, cleaned them out really well, and put them out in the pastures and filled them up.

Finished a gate to one of the temporary pastures.

Put the fence up for another temporary pasture

Put a wire tensioner on one of the new corner posts we put up a few weeks ago.

Put a new flag bracket up on the front of the barn.

Put reindeer out in front of the hay barn.

Put away the extra tin and the gutter downspouts for the time being until we have time to finish them.

Moved the round pen panels, black piping, and ladder to the side of the hay barn to make appearances at the front better.

Cleaned up the new tack room.

Shoveled a bunch of shavings in to the shavings shed - getting tired of them sitting outside, but it's an awful lot of work to get them all into that shed!

Put new shavings in some of the horses stalls.

Separated the horses into separate turnouts - two in each of four pastures.

DAY 178 OF WORK - 12/11/2010 - Saturday
Built another door on the new barn for Prissy to stay next to Bailey, our new boarder that arrived!

Finished the roof pieces (the last two pieces of tin) and put the entire roof cap on the new barn.

Cut the end rafter peices off the barn.

Built one feed box in the new barn, hung two bucket hooks, put shavings in the new stall for Prissy.

Finished the siding! That included the siding on the end of the barn nearest the old barn, and the last stall front on the side of the barn.

Put a tall tack locker together for our new boarder, Sarah Foster!

Got the tack room cleaned up

Raked out the manure pile so it's flat again.

Picked up an entire wheelbarrow full of trash from around the farm - stuff that has "surfaced", wood scraps, water bottles, etc, even stuff in the riding arena!

Moved a bunch of wood scraps over to the scrap pile.

DAY 177 OF WORK - 12/10/2010 - Friday

One more stall door done today!

Also got the tack room door built and put on!

Blanket racks are up on all the outside of the stalls, and all the completed stall doors have stall plates on them.

Since Equine Kingdom is getting a new boarder tomorrow, we got the stall all ready for him - built a feed box, put up his water buckets and put 4 wheelbarrow loads of shavings in his stall.

We went and picked up 8 plastic barrels today to use for the horses in the pastures as their water troughs.

DAY 176 OF WORK - 12/9/2010 - Thursday
All the inside stall walls are done!! got all of them done today, but also got about a quarter of the other end wall siding put on, and the last outside stall wall on the back of the barn done!

All the bent nails and other nails that got dropped were picked up and saved.

Since all the walls are finally on, we raked the leaves out of the stalls - the big oak trees around the barns dropped most of their leaves in the barn building area.

Bridle racks got put up today, the new tack room got cleaned up and cleaned out! All the tools that haven't been used or are done with got put in the shed, and everything else cleaned up.

There are two doors up on the new barn now! It looks fantastic!

Bought a new tall locker for all the extra stuff in the tack room - put it together and cleaned up the tack room!
DAY 175 OF WORK - 12/8/2010 - Wednesday
Got the middles of about 4 more stalls finished - which means there are three stalls completely finished!

Got the walls put on the fronts of three more stalls

Cleaned up a huge pile of wood end pieces and extras from around the new barn so the stalls are cleared out.

Went down to clean stalls around 10pm to clean stalls (for the third time already today!) and found Jitterbug lying down...perfect photo opportunity!

Burned all the stuff in the pool today! It looks a lot better.
DAY 174 OF WORK - 12/7/2010 - Tuesday
Dug a drain hole for the water pipe down at the barn.

Got the entire back wall put up on the barn!

Got two stalls almost finished in the barn!
DAY 173 OF WORK - 12/6/2010 - Monday
Got the walls put up for between the horses stalls.

The barn at night:

Did lots of cleanup around the farm.

Finished putting lag screws up on the barn posts.

Took 31 sheets of tin and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff back to Lowes to get a refund - boy will that help with the credit card bill!!

Broke out the heated buckets for the horses' stalls! hooray!
DAY 172 OF WORK - 12/5/2010 - Sunday
Finished all but the last two pieces of tin on the roof today!

Put lag screws on the posts.

Got a HUGE load of wood delivered - last one, hopefully, except for battens for the sides!
DAY 171 OF WORK  - 12/4/2010 - Saturday
Got the rest of the purlins put up and two pieces of tin, then it snowed the rest of the day!

The horses, desperate to get to the little bit of hay where the hay bale got put down on the other side of the fence, pushed until the temporary ceramic corner wire holders broke and the wire was all loose and messed up, so we had to fix it all with more permanent fence materials that we finally got in the mail. We also fixed two of the temporary fence sections to create a better semi-permanent fencing solution for pastures until we can afford to put in all board fences.
DAY 170 OF WORK - 12/3/2010 - Friday
Put up purlins for another section of the roof, and put up 5 peices of tin.

Got the front wall put on another section of a stall!

Shavings got delivered today!!

Put up the saddle rack boards and saddle racks in the tack room, and 3 bridle racks put up!
DAY 169 OF WORK - 12/2/2010 - Thursday
Put up the rest of the rafters on the roof and got them secured.

Put up the front interior wall of the stall next to the tack room, and the outside wall as well.
DAY 168 OF WORK  - 12/1/2010 - Wednesday
Worked on getting rafters put up on the barn.

Also got the outside wall of the front of the tack room put up.
DAY 167 OF WORK - 11/30/2010 - Tuesday
Put the walls and OSB up on the tack room so it's entirely closed in now! Hooray!

DAY 166 OF WORK - 11/29/2010 - Monday
Returned the last 4 6x6x12 posts to Pegram West and paid for the other posts.

Picked up lag screws and 11 sheets of OSB up at Lowes, for lining the tack room walls.

Picked up a load of 2x6x12s, 2x4x8s, and wood for the barn doors from Harvey Friddle in Stokesdale.

Got another 9 feet of purlins and tin put up on both sides of the barn, which means we've got almost half done!

Picked up grain and wire tensioners at Southern States.

Finished the tack room floor! Wonderful!
DAY 165 OF WORK - 11/28/2010 - Sunday
Got purlins and tin put up on the roof above the stall opposite the tack room on the new barn.

Got over half of the floor put on the tack room - it looks fantastic!

DAY 164 OF WORK - 11/27/2010 - Saturday
Got one side of the roof put up, above the tack room in the new barn - both the purlins and the tin on the roof.

Got the frame of the tack room floor put in!
DAY 163 OF WORK - 11/24/2010 - Wednesday
Picked up 10 wheelbarrows of sticks in the pasture and put them on the fire.

Put electric wires along the middle of the white tape in the pastures to keep the horses from barging through the fences.

Put more rafters put up.
DAY 162 OF WORK  - 11/23/2010 - Tuesday
Got the rafters put up on the roof - at least, the ones over the posts. Got another load of wood delivered.

Got 10 wheelbarrows of sticks/roots picked up from the pasture - you'd think we'd be done by now, right?? It's a phenomenal amount of mess to clean up from all the trees that got knocked down. 

Put in two more lines of pasture fences and put the electric fencing tape up for both fences and gates!

Cleaned up the equipment and tools in the shed so that we can find things more easily!!
DAY 161 OF WORK - 11/22/2010 - Monday
Took the stringers off the barn and re-measured and leveled everything, re-cut posts, and put new stringers up. Braced the poles in the center and made sure everything was level and square (mostly).

Picked up 7 wheelbarrows of sticks and roots in the pasture.

Got the rest of the ground leveled out/filled in where the water line was put in. 

Got one of the pasture fences put up!
DAY 160 OF WORK - 11/20/2010 - Saturday
We now have a pump in the barn for water! Chris and Ron spent the day putting a water line in from the house to the barn and installing a pump at one end of the barn. How incredibly convenient!! It's so nice!

Digging the ditch for the new pipes!

Well house before new pipes                                          Well house after new pipes

Got the brush piles in the pastures burned! yay!

Built a hose holder by the pump, and got out the new heavy duty commercial never-kink hose! yay!

Picked up sticks in the pasture. 
DAY 159 OF WORK - 11/19/2010 - Friday
Got the stringers on the other side of the barn put up. 
DAY 158 OF WORK - 11/18/2010 - Thursday
Got stuff at Lowes for the barn/farm. Put new shavings in horses stalls. Picked up sticks from the pasture, put fence posts in for part of the new pastures. 
DAY 157 OF WORK - 11/17/2010 - Wednesday
Picked up 4 wheelbarrows of sticks in pasture, misc cleaning, etc.

Got the notches cut out of the posts for the stringers on one side of the barn.
DAY 156 OF WORK - 11/16/2010 - Tuesday
Got the stringers put on top of one side of the posts today. Picked up 6 wheelbarrows of sticks in the pasture. 
DAY 155 OF WORK - 11/15/2010- Monday
Picked up 6 wheelbarrows full of roots/sticks. I've finished clearing approximately 3 pastures worth of ground, thank goodness! Once we get the large brush pile burned, we'll be able to put in the new fences!

Got the 4 posts put in for the new tack room, the last 2 middle posts, and 2 of the outside door posts!

We moved the piles of wood from the front of the barn out to the back, where the wood for the new barn is. We don't need the wood out front anymore, since the main barn is pretty much completed.

DAY 154 OF WORK - 11/14/2010 - Sunday
Got nine posts put in and concreted!

Spent two and a half hours picking up roots, sticks, and trash from the pastures where things got knocked down, bulldozed, and generally mushed all to pieces. 
DAY 153 OF WORK - 11/13/2010 - Saturday
Got the corner posts for the new barn put in and concreted!

Also got the whole new section of fencing completed - including all four wires on either side, plus BOTH gates and latches! Yay! It looks fantastic! 

Picked up 2 wheelbarrows full of roots and sticks from the pasture and took them down to the pile to burn.
DAY 152 OF WORK - 11/12/2010 - Friday
Picked up 22 more bags of concrete, and 25 landscaping timbers and a whole bunch of rebar pieces to put them in the ground with around the new barn. Also purchased all the hinges for the new doors, latches, and tie rings for the horses on the new barn. I can hardly wait to get it started! It seems like it's just taking forever compared to the other barn!

Got the rest of the posts put in for the new section of fence, plus all the bracing boards. Tomorrow we'll put the gates in and try to get some of the wires put up!

Chris got one of the huge piles of brush moved from up by the new driveway down to the pasture - the pile is probably 20-25 feet high! It's going to make a fantastic bonfire! He also got the rest of the area up there cleared, got the pasture cleared and the rest of the trees cut down, and started clearing trees out of the wooded area at the back of the property where the trails are. Things are starting to shape up around here! 

DAY 151 OF WORK - 11/11/2010 - Thursday
Chris and Ron got the rest of the trees down at the bottom of the pasture cleared out, plus got a lot of junk cleaned up in the pastures.

Picked up an auger for the Bobcat this morning in Kernersville, and this afternoon was spent putting batter boards in, squaring the building, marking out all the posts, and digging the holes with the Bobcat - which made life pretty easy once everything was marked out! got concrete footers poured in 10 of the 15 holes. Hopefully we'll get the rest done tomorrow, plus get the 8 more (smaller) holes for the door posts dug out and footers poured.

Went to McLeansville this afternoon and picked up 34 sheets of tin and 5 roof caps - the exact same stuff I got at Lowes a week ago - for only $700 for all of it, and that's almost all we need! I'm pretty excited because that means we'll be saving about $500 because we'll be able to take the stuff we bought from Lowes back! Most of it, anyway. That'll be really nice!!

Also picked up a mini-fridge for the barn today - a nice amenity for boarders.

Got 4 more posts set in the ground today for the electric fence, plus put up temporary fencing so the horses can't get out of the fence. Had to finagle some things with the existing electric fencing, to keep the long wires out of the pastures where the horses can't step on them.

DAY 150 OF WORK - 11/10/2010 - Wednesday
Marked out the area for the posts where the new barn will go! Hooray!

got the area for the new section of electric fencing and gates marked out and measured. Got 6 posts put in, and 3 horizontal posts put in as well - those suckers are NOT moving, I'll tell you that much! It was a lot of work getting that done, though.

Got hinges for the new stall doors, got more buckets and bucket hangars in the mail today.

Chris dug a HUGE hole in the ground (about 15 feet deep!) and buried a whole bunch of tree stumps in it. Apparently, being buried so deep, it preserves them, so they won't rot. Then he got the whole area smoothed over so it looks nice. He also spent a lot of time cleaning up the mess in the pastures - raking up branches, roots, etc and putting them on the burn pile. Ron got to take a whole bunch of metal junk from the area where the new driveway will be, so that helped clear that up a bit, and made a little less work for us.

Got 4 wheelbarrows full of roots and sticks cleaned up and dumped in the fire pit.  

Got the wash pad raked and swept off - what a mess! Also got three piles of leaves and sticks raked up to put in the fire pit - they haven't quite made it there yet, though.