Equine Kingdom Riding Academy is no longer in operation.
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Equine Kingdom Riding School's New Location

We completed the relocation to 5016 Groometown Road, Greensboro, NC, on November 10, 2009.
The property is adjacent to the Seasonal Comfort building, so look for the sign on the way in.

November 1, 2009
It has been a lot of work getting the place ready, but the location and facilities will be good for everyone. Someday I will have our own property and a permanent home for my horse riding lessons and his dog training school (and maybe kennels), but for now we have to make the best of the situation. The owners of these facilities (Seasonal Comfort) have graciously offered to renovate the barn, while the conditioning of the grounds is up to us. It will be a tight schedule, but we will be ready to move the horses on November 10th. Thanks for your understanding and willingness to make the move with me.

Sincerely - Sally

March 23, 2010
Lessons and training has ensued at Equine Kingdom now for nearly 5 1/2 months. We've added two new members to the herd, Snickers and Ginger. Both of them are in training and used in lessons. Mystique has begun teaching lessons again as well, which puts Equine Kingdom at 6 lesson horses! All the horses have survived a harsh winter, albeit having lost a few pounds, but are well on their way to being fat and sassy again with new grass growing in. The pasture has been split up to make several new pastures, to make rotation possible. The newly finished riding arena has served its purpose well - other than being perpetually mushy and muddy from November to the beginning March, due to all the rain and snow!
Scroll Down to see new pictures of the farm and the horses enjoying it.

Equine Kingdom - Our new riding arena
Our new riding arena

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 Equine Kingdom - Matt digging a post hole the hard way
digging a post hole
the hard way
Equine Kingdom - Matt digging a post hole the easy way
digging a post hole
the easy way
Equine Kingdom - Our new barn in the midst of a renovation
Our new barn in the midst
of a renovation
Equine Kingdom - Horse food
Horse food
Equine Kingdom - Nice new planks on the barn
Nice new planks on the barn
Equine Kingdom - Acres of riding fields
Acres of riding fields

The barn all completed and painted

Mystique and Enoch eating grain in their "stalls" - created from the round pen panels

Grace and Emeli riding the horses in the new riding arena

Going up the hill to feed the horses after the snow

My puppy, Sparky, playing in the hay while I fed the horses

Ginger, one of our new additions - 8 yr old Appaloosa mare

Snickers, a 6 year old Shetland Pony - another new addition

Chris King, our wonderful farrier, trimming Ginger's feet

saddles & other equipment in the new tack room                      Enoch trying to get into the grain

Helmet & Bridle wall

Feeding area - grain, treats, & supplements

Halters & Lead Ropes

Prissy finishing her grain in the barn