September 2008 Riding Lessons
September Lessons - Sydney

Camryn riding Prissy by herself for the first time!

Bianca walking with Emma and Enoch

Maureen riding Dublin

Dublin/Maureen, Prissy/Camryn


Uh oh - they ran into each other!

Getting ready to work on the emergency dismount

Explaining the dismount

Emma listening intently

Camryn looking like she's falling asleep - but LOOK at those heels!!

Getting ready..

Hands on the pommel of the saddle

Maureen being the first one to try the flying dismount!

Giving Emma a leg up

let's she getting on or off??

She was very happy that she did so well!

The little ones don't want to let go of the saddle....

Camryn being silly

Bianca showing Emma how to hold her hands on the reins correctly

trotting the horses

Maureen's fantastic leg position

this is a really cute picture


Krissi and an amazing trot on Enoch

Trotting again - what a great leg position!

Krissi, can you see your upper body leaning forward a bit?

The Dixon Family - Kendall, Rhonda, and Brian

Enoch's like....look at me! :)

Kendall on Dublin

Hannah on Enoch!

Hannah cantered for the first time today, 9/13/2008!

Kendall practicing trotting DUblin

The girls trying to keep the lazy horses trotting. it was HOT!!

Aww cute picture!

Madison riding Maggie

Sarah riding Lady

Sandy riding Mystique

Madison trotting Maggie - pretty!!


Sarah trotting Lady

Girls having fun chatting!

PRacticing trotting Maggie again

Good trot on Lady!

Practicing horse show stuff

Fantastic position all over, Sandy!!

Jeanne leading Madison and Maggie

Me leading Sarah and Lady