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Unfortunately I am not able to accept any horses for training at this time.

Have a problem horse?

Does your horse have bad habits?

Do you have a horse that doesn't do what you ask it to do?

Does your horse ignore your commands and continue to do what it wants?

Does your horse refuse to do certain things?

Do you and your horse seem to be at a dead end street?


Then call me, Sally Cochran!

I'll fix your horse's problem, no matter what it is. If your horse is dangerous, lazy, tired, spooky, skittish, or whatever other mood your horse has, then I can help you. I've been training horses for over seven years now, and have yet to come up against a problem that I cannot fix.

I have trained horses to...
  • stand for mounting
  • back up where they wouldn't before
  • desensitization to all kinds of things
  • pick up their feet
  • canter on cue
  • trot on cue
  • walk, trot, and canter on voice command
  • "join up" with owner
  • ground tie
  • tricks
  • jump up to 2'6"
  • bend where stiffness was ruining form
  • stand for anything
  • stop flinging head up and down
  • stop pushing/shoving
  • crossing water
  • crossing bridges
  • smooth out their gates
  • slow down
  • speed up
  • spur-stop
  • stop on command
  • cue from the seat
  • ... and much, much more!

Give me a call at (336) 908-7453 and find out what I can do for you and your horse! 30 days training typical, with 3, 4, or 5 rides a week, at my facility.
$300/month per horse + $250 boarding
$0.65/mile for transportation to your facility - your choice of how many times a week, at $25 per training session per horse.