Equine Kingdom Birthday Parties

Equine Kingdom Riding Academy - 3809 SE School Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406

2 hour total limit at the ranch:
  • 1 hour of games and party activities
  • 1 hour of horseback riding
  • Picnic area with tables
  • Arts and Crafts to make/take home
  • Up to 10 children per party
  • Everything but cake/drinks/food/goodie bags provided
Your child will get to:
  • Walk & Trot a horse
  • Grooming a horse
  • Steering the horse
  • Maneuvering Obstacles
  • Trail ride through the woods
  • Arts and crafts
  • Receive a gift from Equine Kingdom
  • Play lots of games
  • and so much more!!!
Bring your kids to the farm for a birthday they'll never forget!!

You could go for the whole shebang and have ten children at the party (ages 3-16 recommended), with everything provided but the cake and drinks! That includes two hours of fun - the first hour is horseback riding, where the kids take turns learning how to ride! That's right, it's not just a hand-led pony ride! They actually get to take a riding lesson. Ages 4 and up get to go on a short trail ride, weather/ground provided! The second hour is games, contests, arts-n-crafts, cake/drinks, presents, piņata (not provided), and much more!! Includes a special gift for the birthday child, plus all the decorations, utensils, plates, and other tableware. And don't forget - we provide the horses and the fun, too!

If you don't feel like doing quite so much, though, how about a quiet afternoon or morning at the farm for your child and several of their friends? Up to 4 children at a time can come out and spend 1 or 2 hours learning about horses. This is all a hands-on activity, where the children will learn to care for a horse and ride.

  •  $300 for a birthday party with up to 10 children.
  •  $15 for each additional child.
  • $60 per child per hour for time spent with horses individually. Minimum of 2 children recommended.
  •  $75 for an hour private, with only one child for a birthday gift.
  • Other Options Available!
Call Sally Cochran at (336) 517-7971 or email her at equinekingdom@gmail.com to set up a birthday riding time!!

Trust me, this is one gift your child will NEVER forget! and the best part?

YOU don't have to do anything but show up and bring food! We take care of the rest!
Party Horses

18 year old Quarter Horse mare
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced

24 year old Paint Horse Gelding
English, Beginner-Advanced

17 year old Arabian Mare
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced

13 year old Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beginner-Intermediate

17 year old Appendix Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced

10 year old Quarter Horse/Morgan Mare
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced
18 year old Thoroughbred Gelding
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced

14 year old Paint Horse Gelding
English/Western, Intermediate-Advanced

8 year old Quarter Horse Mare
English/Western, Beginner-Advanced
(owned by Allyson Boonbumrung)

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