- Sample Riding Lesson -

Riding Lesson length typically runs for thirty minutes.

The following example is given assuming the student has learned to tack up their own horse, and can walk and trot on the rail without anyone beside them. Students usually arrive ten minutes early to catch, groom, and tack up their horse, then typically stay afterwards to untack and release the horse.

  • Student arrives
  • Student halters horse and puts in crossties
  • Student grooms horse with currycomb, brush, hoofpick, mane & tail brush
  • Student retrieves saddle, bridle, and leg protector boots from tack box
  • Student saddles and bridles horse
  • Walk out to mounting block
  • Tighten girth, mount up
  • Stretch exercises to warm up
  • Walk on rail to warm horse up
  • Make figure eights & circles
  • Weave through cones at walk
  • Stop and start, with emphasis placed on not pulling on the horse's mouth
  • Trot on the rail at a slow trot to warm up more
  • Trot over ground poles
  • Practice two-point position at the trot
  • Practice posting and sitting at the trot
  • Trot through cones
  • Trot to stop, stop to trot transitions
  • Work on tight circles, bending horse around leg
  • Practice focusing ahead
  • Cool down horse by walking around several times
  • Walk horse over ground poles
  • Stop and stand
  • Dismount
  • Lead horse back to barn
  • Untack horse
  • Groom horse
  • Put horse away
  • Put tack away
  • Clean up tacking area

This is just an example of a lesson. Every lesson is different - you or your child will never become bored with the lessons offered by Equine Kingdom.


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