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- Equine News Items Archive 2009 -

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Daily Equine
Judge Allows Wild Horse Roundup in Nevada
Horse Inspires Kids in Need
It's Been Another Crazy Year for Horses
16-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Receives Shetland Pony with Help from Robert Dover
Contagious Equine Metritis a Hot Topic at Vet Convention
Quick Quiz on Clip Tips
American Miniature Horse Registry Submits Recognized Breed Application
When Moms Love Horses Too
2009 EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award Winner Announced
DNA Sheds New Light on Horse Evolution
Exercise Causes Slight Hoof Changes, Researchers Report
Veterinary Attention Crucial in Successfully Transporting Horses with Fractures
Aging Horses' Immune Systems Reviewed
U.S. Plan to Round Up Wild Horses Draws Opposition
International Spread of Disease Reviewed for World Equine Vets
United States Equestrian Federation Launches High School Equestrian Recognition Program
McManamy Named 2009 USEF Junior Equestrian of the Year
Horses Demonstrate Ability to Count in New Study
First Fall World Championship Paint Horse Show Exceeds Expectations
Patrick Swayze Arabian Horse Youth Scholarship Created
Improving the Outcome after Tendon and Ligament Injuries
Horse Law - Contracts: What You See Is What You Get
American Shetland Pony Represents the U.S. Equestrian Federation at National FFA Convention
Horse-Based Home Businesses
Wild Horse Adoption Day Saves Taxpayers $5 Million
New Treatment for Equine Herpesvirus Tested in Horses
Common Equine Dental Problems
Barn Personnel Experience Higher-Than-Average Rates of Respiratory Symptoms
Chicago Mounted Police Face Budget Cuts
Proposed Rule Would Restrict Usage of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Equine National Welfare Code of Practice Endorsed
Barn Basics: Pad Your Way to Perfection
Equine Piroplasmosis Found in 11 States
Negligence or Not? You Be the Judge
Genome Sequence for the Domestic Horse Unveiled
Drug Eliminates Parasite That Causes Babesiosis in Horses
Equine Dentistry Offense Studied by Oklahoma House Panel
Genetic Diseases in Horses Reviewed for World Equine Vets
EquiSearch's Ask the Vet: Possible Sleep Deprivation
Veterinary Attention Crucial in Successfully Transporting Horses with Fractures
Alert: Texas Horses Restricted from Entering Canada
Quiz: Hay There!
Wild Horses and the Legal System - Part 1
Experts Undertake "Extreme Makeover" of Once-Wild Horses
Five Tips to Help Prepare for a New Horse
Seized Texas Arabians Placed in Adoptive Homes
WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Fall 2009 Newsletter
U.S. Dept. of Interior Looks to Congress to Manage Wild Horses
Certain Breeds of Horses are Predisposed to Types of Colic
Eastern Equine Encephalitis: Health Officials Say Precautions Essential Against Virus
A Horse of a Different Color: Exploring Equine Therapy
Court Decision Creates NJ Barn Liability
AHC Supports Bill to Complete America’s National Scenic Trails
Tickets Now Available for 2010 World Equestrian Games
Online Information Resource for the Equine Community of Midwestern Ontario
Grasshoppers Can Transmit Virus to Horses
Animal Genetic Testing and Research Lab Benefits Horse Owners
Second 2009 Case of Equine West Nile Virus
Ex-Race Horse Makes Recovery after Equine Heck
Walking the Line: The Importance of Fence Selection for Horse Safety
Purdue Offers New DVD for Equine Judging Teams
Veterinarian Dies of Hendra Virus
Colt Tramples Car on Israeli Highway
Prepare Your Pets for Emergencies, Evacuations Now
Engineered Saddle Gives a Better Ride
Texas Horse Dies of Rabies/Possible Human Exposure
What is Pigeon Fever in Horses?
Jockey Club Round Table Focuses on Medication, Equine Welfare
Fossil Teeth of Three-Toed Browsing Horse Found in Panama Canal Earthworks
Foal is Veterinary Mira(cle)
Horse Slaughters Have Miami-Area Owners on Edge
Room to Roam: House Votes to Rescue Wild Horses
Pigeon Fever in Horses
Mystery of Horse Domestication Solved?
Former NYPD Horse Finds a Place to Retire
Stem Cell Research to Benefit Horse Owners and Trainers
Careful! Girl, 7, Has Finger Bitten off by Horse
The Dangers of Letting Your Horse Run the Show
Galloping and Breathing at High Speed
Horses for Rent: No Plodding Necessary
UK Equestrian Industry Left Out of Talks on Horse Tax